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    Examination Results

    Examination results will be available as outlined in the Academic Calendar.?

    Exam Results will be available online for 30 days post Publication only.?

    The schedule is as follows:

    • Promulgation of Semester One Examination Results Online - Wednesday 9th February 2022
    • Promulgation of Semester Two Examination Results Online (including Open Education) - Wednesday 25th May 2022
    • Promulgation of Autumn (Resit) Examination Results Online - Tuesday 30th August 2022
    • Promulgation of Examination Results Online -? November 2022 - TBA?

    Transcripts of Results

    A transcript is a formal statement of your examination results. ?These are issued following the Progression and Award Board for your programme. ?Please see the following link for more information on transcripts:?Transcripts

    Progression and Award Board

    The Progression and Award Board (PAB) is made up of all the lecturers who teach on a specific programme of study at DCU and the relevant external examiners. ?It is chaired by the Programme Chairperson. ?At the end of each year, the PAB meets to collate and review grades in the various modules, and take all relevant information into consideration when approving final results. ?The PAB has discretion to make decisions in respect of individual student's marks. ?All decisions of the PAB in respect of module marks are made with appropriate regard for the welfare of students, confidentiality, equity of treatment and the maintenance of academic standards. ?It is the responsibility of the student to notify the University, through the Registry or the Open Education Unit, by the due date, of any extenuating circumstances that may have affected their academic performance in one or more modules.

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